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A Liar
A Liar
Tom Deckard states that he is an Orthodox Jew. Then, in the same sentence, he will talk about Yeshua. Really? You cannot be Orthodox and accept Yeshua. That is a LIE. Tom Deckard states that he is Elijah and Moses of the end times. Oh yeah? How can you be two people, dude? He sure does think highly of himself. One OT prophet isn't good enough, he claims to be TWO!! Deckard claims that he cured the Muslim President of Malawi's brother from HIV. Well, Malawi has only had 3 presidents, EVER. The first one was a Christian, since 1905. The other two are Muslims. They are still alive and well. However, president #2 DOES have an HIV brother. But guess what was posted in the New York Times, in 2004. The brother DIES from AIDS. Well, so much for that healing!But instead of accepting his failure, in 2005 he is boasting of how he had cured him on his DVD that he is selling! Deckard hasn't cured anyone of HIV or AIDS. People are so stupid to buy this crap! Deckard is so arrogant, Satan doesn't have anything on HIM! Deckard claims to be able to give people a personal word of prophecy. He does this with Stan Johnston, at the prophecy club. Doesn't this sound like some seedy psychic? I suppose that he thinks that God is his b*&$ch boy! Deckard claims that a man wanted a word from God from him. He claims that he was told that the man was sleeping around on his wife with a blonde. Oh my gosh! That is what people from your church are saying YOU did! Oh, but don't Discord, no please don't talk! God is not Deckard's little pet and chat box! Deckard does not tell God what to do and when to do it! Use some common sense!
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Everything that he says is based on scripture, but what if his interpretation is wrong. He is NOT hearing from God. He can come up with bird flu, because it has been in the news and Revelation says that the Whore of Babylon will be filled with unclean and hateful birds, so he predicts bird flu. There will probably be plagues, but we don't know exactly what. He is speculating.
URDeckardsFootStool | | May 09, 2010

Tom Deckard is a major prophet. I believe everything that he says, without question.
Jenny | | May 09, 2010

why are you so zealous in calling him a liar?
Have you ever met him?
What other evidence than the malawi president do you have?
Did God show you he's a false prophet?
You seem over zealous in trying to prove his false

I've heard his message, i ve heard him speak he speaks
the word of God. Telling people to repent and belive
in Jesus becuase theyre will be no rapture. Nothing false in that.
Pierre | | May 09, 2010

The devil is in the details. If you want to be apart of a Messianic Jewish congregation, then by all means, do so. However, no man should ever get between you and God.

Mark 13:22
For false Christs and false prophets shall rise, and shall shew signs and wonders, to seduce, if it were possible, even the elect.

Does God talk to me about King T-M? After all of the garbage I have posted on the internet about this man, I had a dream that God assured that he is real and that he loves me. Now, you can take that with a grain of salt, because I know you are seeing my coarse side. I am not going to say that God is doing this or condones it. I am doing this. I am so angry that I can't see straight.

tomdeckardlies | May 09, 2010

I know that the Bible says that false prophets should be put to death. What bothers me so much, is that Deckard builds up your faith and cuts down your self esteem. Then, when you find out that he is a liar, it is unbelievable that he can believe is own words and believe in the Bible and tell lies, saying that is it God. How can Deckard really believe in the Bible and do this? He knows the Bible, but yet he is brazen enough to openly defy God. Amazing! I pray that someone sends anthrax to his house.
tomdeckardlies | May 10, 2010

The biggest problem with Deckard's teachings is that he is telling everyone that if you belong to G-d, you will not suffer. In the Bible, it says that you will be hated and possibly killed because you follow Yeshua. Will Deckard be sitting on a cloud telling them that they are not really G-d's? He is setting them up for a fall!
Janice | | May 11, 2010